Saturday, November 15, 2014

What is NEW? Not Us!

Kate just showed me how to do this again and I am really excited to start blogging again.  The learning curve from personal computer to the MacBook Pro is much steeper than I thought but it will be worth it when I get most of this stuff inside my head.

This is the cake we had to help John celebrate his eightieth birthday.  Boy, are we feeling OLD!  We did raise the bar for "old geezerhood" to be up there in the late nineties though.  That IS a dinosaur on his cake in case you are wondering.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lesa and Max!

Lesa stayed an extra day after the WWWW so we got to focus a little more on both her and Max. Wow, is he fun. Thanks to Mom, Dad and four big sisters who take such good care of him, he is extremely good natured and has a great smile. Fun to photograph!

Just Checking . . .

I’m hoping this program will not get to me today and will try to post a decent blog with all the pictures I enjoy sharing.





A few of the finished projects and some of the laughter and fun with the ladies at the Bernina retreat.

  It really was enjoyable and I’m looking forward to it again next year.

Now THAT was easy.  How come it seemed so difficult yesterday?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Computers r "Elderly prejiduced"

These are the beautiful ladies who came to the retreat at our house. We had so much fun and really accomplished LOTS. I'll show you in the following pictures

Really! I am so frustrated trying to change a few things on this darn blog.

I'll just write my blog, finally and stew about all the changes I WANT to make.

I HATE THIS PROGRAM!!!!!! Ok, I quit, unfinished and furious...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving – November 2010

   Family and friends give so much meaning to life.  Our Thanksgiving seemed quiet compared to years past.  We drove to Poway and spent a few days with Spencer and Amy.

The Turkey was cooked perfectly and the rest of the menu was superb.  It was fun to play games with them and do some fun crafts with the children.  We decorated a ginger bread house and started a paper machei (sp?) snowman.  How DO you spell that?  I’ll get those pictures asap . . .



The beginnings of our “snowman’, partially obscured by its genius creator, the beautiful and talented Kaitlyn Joelle Ward.


As promised, we  helped with some of the Christmas decorating.  Well, John helped Spencer with the outside lights (including pounding in the nails so it will be easier next year and after …)  While I continued to play and watch Samantha discover the tree skirt “fit” her perfectly and made a fine dancing skirt.

116  When we were loading the car, getting ready to come home, I was surprise attacked by this little imp secluded in the trunk of the car.  Life is never dull around these grand children.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bobby’s Team Wins!

At the long awaited volleyball tournament, this weekend, Whoa, OLD post-forgot to publish)  :)   it was no surprise that our own Bob Ward and his team mate won the whole thing.  They were the grand prize winners of a gift certificate to Golden Corral!  Wow!  I bet the children are thrilled.

Bob’s team were almost unbeaten and would have completely swept the tournament . . . except for one little thing.  Did I say little?  Well, I should have said younger.  Bob’s team was beaten only by his younger brother. Mark.  Oops!  What does that mean?   Are the younger ones taking over in this family or was it just a fluke?  Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of “youth versus experience” in the Ward family sports drama.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Giving Thanks

Family - sorry I forgot to post this at the approproate time (AGES AGO) but here it is now. I wrote it shortly after thankggiving last year. :/ What a great time of year. It's finally cooling off a little here and we've even had some rain, which I love. Spencer and Amy came with their family late Friday night and stayed the weekend. Amy, Kaitlyn and Samantha even went to church with us before visiting their old ward in Stanton.

I have been feeling better than good. Miraculous is the word. The energy level has risen immensely and I'm able to get back to some of the things I love doing. Two weeks ago I even went to St. George for a sewing retreat at Dave's Bernina. That was a great experience to stay with Tamra Cox and just sew our little hearts out. We even sewed on Sunday after church and listened to beautiful music.

I'm having fun finishing old projects that are turning out well. I'm calling it "Art Therapy". It works great for me. I'd forgotten what a lift creative efforts are for me. It's even more fun when I can give it away to someone who will treasure and take good care of it.